We’re Liking dENiZEN™ Jeans

Denizen Jeans

While you may have been headed Back to School in shorts and summer styles, it’s time to start thinking about some cooler weather style choices. These jeans were a hit in our house with both the kids and adults-they look cool, fit well, and because they are available exclusively at Target, the price is just right for the grownups! Our teen boys thought they were comfy and liked they way they looked. dENiZEN™ jeans are available in numerous custom washes {Read More}

The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!


I must admit, when I first started watching this I thought it would be one of those shows marketed towards really young kids.  Boy was I wrong!   This show has something for everyone.  Young kids will love their favorite super heroes beating their favorite villains.  Adults will see their cherished memories of their favorite comic books come to life in a very “true to the original” way.  Yes, there is some cheesy dialogue and some of the characters did {Read More}

Mummy Mazes: A Monumental Book Review


Mummy Mazes is a great book of Egyptian monuments turned mazes!  The book has 28 poster size mazes and all have the ability to be taken from the book and hung somewhere.  This book is great for young and old alike.  The young will have fun trying to do the mazes and coloring in the pictures, and afterword hanging the picture on a wall, while the older readers will find the mazes to be quite challenging and the facts to {Read More}

Ellie’s Book Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


(This is Ellie’s book review, I am posting it due to some technical difficulties.) This is one of my favorite books ever. It’s the fourth in the Harry Potter series, which is a series that focuses on a wizard named Harry, whose parents were killed by a dark wizard named Voldemort when Harry was a baby. Voldemort was intending on killing Harry however, because the curse was actually aimed for him, not his parents. Harry, however, rebounded the curse, causing {Read More}

DVD Review: Hannah Montana Forever: Who is Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana

I think most of us have heard of Hannah Montana- the TV show about the middle-to-high-school student who becomes a famous singer of the same name using a blond wig as a disguise.  This DVD is a collection of episodes from various seasons, both from Hannah Montana and Hannah Montana Forever (the name of the fourth season, for those who didn’t know).  In each episode, Miley reveals her identity as Hannah Montana to a different person, or more than one {Read More}

Xbox Headset Experience

Do you really need to pay $300 for an xbox headset? Well, it depends on the games you play and the level of gamer you are. When I first started playing Halo 3, I just used the wired and wireless headset made by Microsoft. They are both a good fit if you are a casual gamer playing for fun. But, they do break rather really easily. For instance i was playing Halo 3 one time and tried to take my {Read More}

Upgraded My iPhone!

Last week the folks at TatSkinz sent us some new iPhone skinz for our family. They had some really cool ones to pick from. I picked out the Hibiscus Dawn White and cjlhoops asked for the Dead Headz one. We were pretty excited to put them on. They don’t just make these for iPhones. They have them for a lot of iPod devices so check them out for your iPod too. We did cjlhoops phone first and here is it {Read More}