Sparkle the Movie Shines


A movie with Whitney Houston, THE last movie with Whitney Houston.  *sigh*.  Such talent, such a loss, and you have to wonder if this story was based on part of her history, but I guess I’m not really here to talk about Whitney alone, it’s about the movie. I honestly had no idea what to expect with this one.  Only that I LOVE that era, aside from the political nightmares and segregation, I’m talking about the details to hair, make {Read More}

Bully is a Call to Action We All Need to Hear

Bully the Movie

Everyone gets picked on at some point in their lives. Even bullies. It’s an experience we can all relate to. Some more than others, as demonstrated in the powerful documentary that is the talk of the nation right now, Bully. While bullying has moved beyond the classroom today and into cyberworld and cell phones, Bully the movie focuses on the torment that young people face every day they step on their school bus and go about their normal school day. {Read More}

The Hunger Games: The Odds are Ever In Your Favor

The Hunger Games poster art

Based on the first book of the best-selling trilogy by Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games reminds us that no matter how much civilization advances, it can regress equally as far. Sometimes back to some of its’ ugliest and most base instincts. Set in the ruins of North America, the nation of Panem has risen from the ashes of a global war. The Capitol of Panem is ruled by an elite class living off the labors of its’ 12 surrounding districts. {Read More}

Ben 10: Alien Swarm

I am a big Ben 10 fan so I was excited to get to preview the Ben 10: Alien Swarm movie this weekend. It is coming out this Wednesday on Cartoon Network so as long as you have this channel you will be able to see it for FREE! It should be on at 7 pm EST. This movie is different from the Ben 10: Alien Force cartoon usually shown because it is not animated. This is the second Ben {Read More}