my little pony equestria box art

My Little Pony Equestria Girls, the full-length feature introducing an exciting dimension to the incredibly popular My Little Pony brand, is coming to Blu-ray and DVD in the US and Canada today! The DVD, which includes outstanding bonus features, is priced at $16.99 SRP and the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital combo at $24.97 SRP. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls is now available for pre-order at, and When Twilight Sparkle’s crown is stolen from the Crystal Empire, she pursues the thief, {Read More}


Liberty's Kids DVD Box Art

Travel back in time with Benjamin Franklin’s teenage reporters as they confront the real and physical dangers of the American Revolution in the Liberty’s Kids complete DVD series. Trapped in opposite sides of the war – James an American colonist and Sarah a young English reporter are forced to choose between friendship and allegiance to their countries. All while they try to look after mischievous Henri, a French boy whose comical escapades constantly lead to trouble. Journey through history and {Read More}

Dumbo 70th Anniversary Edition


If you haven’t had a chance to see the newly-released, 70th Anniversary Edition of the Disney classic, Dumbo, be sure to pick it up as soon as you can for a movie experience you can enjoy with your friends and family. Whether you’re four, fourteen or forty-five, Dumbo will charm you. Dumbo is the inspirational tale of a courageous baby elephant who discovers what makes him different also makes him special – his ears. Eventually, they even bring him fame {Read More}


Hey Arnold

We love Hey Arnold here in our house! All 20 Original Episodes Debuted on DVD August 19, 2011 from Shout! Factory “Hey Arnold!, one of the most beloved animated Nickelodeon series from the 1990s, arrives in stores nationwide for the first time on August 9, 2011, from Shout! Factory. Featuring all 20 hilarious episodes, Hey Arnold!: Season One follows the adventures of Arnold, the original football-headed boy’s life in the big city alongside his Grandpa, Grandma, Abner the pig and {Read More}

The Fox and the Hound and the Fox and the Hound 2


I was a tween myself when the original The Fox and the Hound was released in 1981. It was Disney’s 24th animated film, and a new era for Disney as an all new generation of animators had taken the helm, marked by the release of The Fox and the Hound. This same team would lead Disney’s renaissance in the 80’s with favorites such as, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. The original Fox and the Hound has been {Read More}

Fantastic Mr. Fox is Fantastic!

Fantastic Mr. Fox DVD Cover

Academy Award-winning Hollywood heavyweights George Clooney (Up In The Air) and Meryl Streep (It’s Complicated) lend their voices to the hilarious, heartwarming and dazzling stop-motion animated adventure from visionary director Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenebaums)Fantastic Mr. Fox. In the re-imagined classic family tale, Mr. and Mrs. Fox (Clooney and Streep) live a happy home life with their eccentric son Ash (Jason Schwartzman: The Darjeeling Limited) and visiting nephew Kristopherson. That is until Mr. Fox slips into his sneaky, old ways {Read More}

Princess Tiana Joins Disney Royal Court

Princess Tiana

Today is the big day for the Disney DVD release of Princess and the Frog! Disney sent us a copy last week of the Blu-Ray combo pack and I loved watching this weekend. Tiana is most definitely a modern day princess with the message that Prince Charming doesn’t always have to save the girl, some girls are more than capable of saving Prince Charming. Loved the movie and Tiana as role model. This Sunday a magical ceremony took place in {Read More}

Old Dogs is a Great Family Movie

We are big Robin Williams fans in this house and we were excited to see him and John Travolta team up in the movie Old Dogs. It is a really cute family movie with just enough injury to private parts to keep the older boys laughing and engaged. What I was really most impressed with though is the Blu-Ray/DVD pack. As a mom of kids who have routinely scratched dvds in one way or another I think these new packs {Read More}

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Bow-tique

This DVD takes kids on an educational and entertaining journey. In these episodes Minnie leads the gang on a series of problem solving adventures that can keep anyone entertained. As a parent of three girls it is great to see a compilation of episodes centered on their favorite character, Minnie Mouse. What is great about this show is that Mickey and the gang want you the viewer to get involved and help them solve their problems. Disney has a way {Read More}


Got football fever? Or are you bored while your parents watch the Super Bowl? I have just the movie for you! We watched this the other day and it is so cute. Got to love Air Bud. We even have a golden retriever named Buddy after this series. Here are some cute scenes to hold you over until you can pick this up at the store! [iframe 352 284] Story from Disney: Now you can kick off all-star family {Read More}