Disneynature The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos Review

Crimson Wing

  Disneynature’s, The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos is a magnificent and incredible journey through the circle of life of the Flamingos at Lake Natron in northern Tanzania.  I must admit, I find that documentaries, especially nature documentaries, pull some heart strings for me.  Whenever I see an animal die or something unfair happen that was simply the result of rotten luck, I want to blame someone for not helping the animals.  But the truth of the matter is {Read More}

Disneynature: OCEANS

Disneynature Oceans

  Oceans is an exciting educational movie that teaches kids and adults alike about our worlds vast and mysterious oceans. This nature movie takes you around the world and back, and on your journey you will live with amazing animals and learn so much about them.  From sea turtles to lobsters and from the dangerous Hammer Head Shark to the GIGANTIC Humpback Whale, you’ll see them all in stunning detail in their beautiful natural environments.  This Blu-ray/DVD combo pack comes {Read More}