Hooping It Up In Denver with the NCAA Women’s Final Four

I have been a basketball player for about 4 years now but it is only in the last year that I have really started playing a ton. In the winter I play on my school team and a high school feeder team and just last month I tried out for a competitive club team and made it!  On top of training with my team I go to as many skill sessions and clinics as I can and run almost every day. As this year has passed almost all of my free time and energy goes into basketball.  It is a lot of hard work but I love it!

NCAA final four floor in Denver

When my parents told me that the NCAA Women’s Final Four would be in Denver this year, I really wanted to go. It was just around the time that I was in tryouts for my new club that I started hearing a lot about it.  My mom broke the news to me that it was sold out, she waited too long to get tickets and we would have to watch it on tv.

Life went on, I went to practice every night and some of my teammates said they had tickets. About 2 weeks before the first Final Four game my mom said that she had tickets!!! I was so excited I thought she was joking.  But she wasn’t.  And it just kept getting more exciting as some of my favorite teams kept winning.

brittney griner The first game on Sunday night was Notre Dame vs UConn. When we first got there and saw where our seats were, I couldn’t believe it – they were so great in the middle of the court just 14 rows off the floor!!!  My good friend and teammate also had tickets so my mom let her come and sit in my seats with me some.  Watching with my one of my best friends was amazing. We couldn’t believe how fast Skylar Diggins of Notre Dame is. And the UConn girls were so good too, but we were cheering like crazy for Notre Dame.  When they won, it was amazing. It was so fun to be there in person and feel all of the excitement from everyone.

The second game on Sunday was Baylor vs Stanford.  Baylor’s Brittney Griner is amazing. She is so super tall but she is still very athletic and can get up and down the court pretty fast. Stanford didn’t have a chance with her on the court. They double teamed her but she was still able to make things happen and just be enough of a threat still that her teammates were able to get the job done.

Another thing I really liked on Sunday is they brought out the past coaches and this year’s coach for the Women’s Olympic Team and told their stories.  It was so cool to hear how much success the U.S.A. Women’s team has had and it left me with dreams of if I work hard enough, maybe someday?

baylor champsOn Tuesday night my mom & I were still cheering for Notre Dame but Baylor took it all home. Notre Dame stayed in it during the first half but by the middle of the second it was too far to come back. Baylor was amazing and deserved to win.  But even when it was obvious, Notre Dame never game up. They just kept fighting and pushing forward. That is why they are so good. And Skylar Diggins, she is just so strong on both offense and defense, I hope someday I can meet her.

My favorite players on Baylor are definitely Brittney Griner and Odyssey Simms. I think people know Brittney more because she is so tall but Odyssey is a crazy good ball handler and knows what she is doing. Watching Skylar on Notre Dame and Odyssey go head to head, it is a game I will never forget.

Some of the other things that weren’t in the game but I thought were pretty cool were:

  • Wondering why Stanford has a Christmas Tree for its mascot…
  • The floors of the Pepsi Center! They were so amazing and done in different woods to show the Rocky Mountains. I want to play on that court someday!
  • Watching the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Title IX and all it has done for Women’s sports.
  • Watching the cheerleaders. I think sometimes people forget about how talented they are.  Especially those guys, they could seriously hurt someone if they didn’t practice hard.
  • I liked hearing about the girl’s schools and what they are studying. Basketball is a job for them but they still have to do really good and study hard in order to play.
  • Lots of good junk food at the Pepsi Center. Between both nights I had a pretzel, ½ turkey sandwich, fresh donuts with chocolate dip, pizza and dippin dots.  :)
  • Being able to buy a Final Four and a Championship T-Shirt because I was there is so cool!  I didn’t mind waiting in line and am so happy to have my T-shirts.
  • Watching the United States Air Force Academy sing the National Anthem with a giant flag held above the court. Very special.

ncaa final four shirts After Baylor won we stayed to watch them get their trophy. They all put on T-shirts and green hats and danced and celebrated. I couldn’t have felt that excitement from the tv. It was something I will never forget and every time I am working hard to get better at my game I will remember that someday that could be me inspiring other young basketball players.  My first tournament with my new club team starts tomorrow and I can’t wait!

Written by K Scheer with help & editing from her mom, Laura. K is a 7th grade aspiring basketball player that lives in Colorado and Laura runs a small Denver digital marketing company & is a very organized basketball mom.

Many companies were sponsors involved in the NCAA Women’s Final Four. Infiniti was one of them and was incredibly kind to provide us with such wonderful tickets to attend the Semi-Finals and Finals of the NCAA Women’s Final Four tournament. We had such a super awesome time! It was even more special to go with my mom, because she does a ton so I can play basketball!  Thanks Infiniti!!