Xbox Headset Experience

Do you really need to pay $300 for an xbox headset? Well, it depends on the games you play and the level of gamer you are. When I first started playing Halo 3, I just used the wired and wireless headset made by Microsoft. They are both a good fit if you are a casual gamer playing for fun. But, they do break rather really easily. For instance i was playing Halo 3 one time and tried to take my wired headset off and when i was about to take it off i basically chopped it in half. Plus I’ve had also had a bad experience with the wireless headset. I was just playing on the Xbox 360 and it randomly died out and completely broke. Definitely get the wired headset if you are a casual gamer as these last a lot longer but can break easy if you are not careful with it.

But if you are a really competitive gamer the xbox headsets are definitely not a good fit.

astro_a40_audio_systemIve heard a lot of good reviews on the Turtle beach headsets because of their sound quality. I have gotten really good at Halo 3 and am looking to start participating in tournaments,  But sadly I don’t have anything but the xbox headsets. However there is one headset that is really cool looking, [especially in white] , has great sound quality and provides everything a competitive gamer needs in a headset, The ASTRO A40’s . All the top pros in gaming have these headsets so they can hear when people are coming up behind them. They are rather expensive but if you have the money to buy it you should get it. Unfortunately I cant afford to buy them right now, but i seriously am in love with these things. Well that pretty much sums up my Xbox headset experience.  ASTRO A40’s are the way to go if you are a serious gamer.