So, You Want to Start Playing Halo 3?

I’m going to give you shalo3ome of my tips to start playing Halo 3.

When I first started to play Halo 3 I had no idea what I was doing. Right now im going to give you the advantage of knowing how to get good at Halo 3. First off, you’re going to want to only play custom games until you get good. The reason for that is if you go play matchmaking when you don’t know what youre doing you are going to make it much harder to rank up later. In the custom games you are going to want to play with no radar, with a battle rifle and a sniper rifle. This will help you tremendously later on. Once you feel you are getting really good you should start playing matchmaking. The best playlists to go in to hone your skills are MLG, Team Snipers, and Team Doubles. Basically this is all you need to know to get better at Halo 3.