Be A Part of Kinect Nat Geo TV

NatGeo TV selection screen

A few days ago Laurie did a review on Kinect Sesame Street TV, it was the first time any of us had a chance to check out the concept of interacting with TV inside a video game with our kids. Laurie’s family loved it so I was excited to see what our family would think of jumping into Kinect’s Nat Geo TV Game. We have always been big fans of Kinect. I was expecting them to love this new experience {Read More}

Kinect Sesame Street TV for Xbox 360 Review

Kinect Sesame Street TV

If you have ever heard the names Big Bird, Cookie Monster or Oscar the Grouch, then you are no stranger to the classic PBS television show, Sesame Street.  It is hard to believe that a children’s show that I grew up watching is still around to share with my children.  Yet it isn’t hard to see why it has continued to make it all these years later.  As a matter of fact, its popularity seems to continue to grow. I {Read More}

Tony Hawk Shred Review


Tony Hawk Shred is the direct sequel to last year’s game, Tony Hawk Ride.  These games are known in videogames for its motion controlled skate board that comes with the game.  In Tony Hawk Ride the skate board was a little too unresponsive, but that is definitely fixed in Tony Hawk Shred.  The Skate Board controller is very responsive, but when I was trying to do more advanced moves which involved multiple pivots and grabs I found myself almost falling {Read More}

Section 8 Review by ChiefGokuC


Hello everyone!  I decided to write a review of one of my favorite PC Games, Section 8. Section 8 is a relatively low profile science fiction shooter comparable to the Halo series. It is developed by Time Gate and SouthPeak Games and is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.  The specific version of the game that this review is centered on is the PC version of the game which is a game for Windows LIVE.  Games for Windows Live {Read More}

Deal of the Week! 6/25/10-7/1/10


I am a HUGE gamer and I love it when I can get a good deal on gaming related stuff!  So, I have decided to make a deal of the week blog post for the week coming up (Today through next Thursday).  GameStop:    1:  With the announcment of the new Xbox 360, all old Xbox 360’s are now $50.00 less.  The perfect time to pick up a 360 if you don’t already have one!  2:  Fable II is now {Read More}