Be A Part of Kinect Nat Geo TV

NatGeo TV selection screen

A few days ago Laurie did a review on Kinect Sesame Street TV, it was the first time any of us had a chance to check out the concept of interacting with TV inside a video game with our kids. Laurie’s family loved it so I was excited to see what our family would think of jumping into Kinect’s Nat Geo TV Game. We have always been big fans of Kinect. I was expecting them to love this new experience {Read More}

SKATE 3 Video Game Review


Overall SKATE 3 for XBOX is a well-structured, exciting game. The layout of this game is almost exactly like SKATE 2 with better graphics. The idea of the game is to make your skateboard company the best around. You have to design the board with your logos and then promote your boards through photo shoots, videos and challenges. The best thing about this game is the ability to roam around and do many things. For one, you can take off {Read More}

Hasbro Family Game Night 2 (Wii)

The video says it all! WE LOVE THIS GAME! Playing in the family game mode was tons of fun. Tinkerbell rocks at Operation. This is just a seriously fun family game that everyone can play! Game features: Operation Jenga bop it! Pictureka! and Connect Four Disclosure: staff was compensated for an honest review of this product.

Review: MySims Agents Wii

I was unsure as a parent if I wanted to have the kids test MySims Agents because of the reputation MySims used to have online. I asked around, however, and found that many of my friends had this for their kids and it was one of their favorite games. It seemed even the parents adored it. I have to say my initial reaction was DEAD WRONG. It is a cute game that takes the kids through an adventure of being {Read More}

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince XBOX

I really enjoyed this game. It is much improved from the Order of the Phoenix game last released. Some highlights: Things unlock pretty quickly. You learn how to do certain spells right away. Missions and duals happen quicker than in previous games. The Quidditch broom is easier to manuever. The way it is laid out on the controller makes better sense. You can run really fast to places. This is a big improvement. I recommend this game for all Harry {Read More}

Littlest Pet Shop Friends Game for DS

Members of the kid testing panel had a lot of fun playing with the review copy we received here at BeTweenTalk. Here is a comment from one mom: This Game was very easy for my six year old to learn and to play. She has not put it down since she opened the box. She told me it was like her toys had come to life, but better. The arcade portion of the game contains many very cute and entertaining {Read More}

Scene It Box Office Smash Review

Me and my family have been playing Scene It Box Office Smash lately. It’s a fun family game but is rated teen for several reasons. 1. There is an announcer that sometimes says things that I don’t think younger kids should hear. 2. Some of the movie clips have content that kids shouldn’t hear. 3. There is very mild violence- but I think it would be ok for kids to hear. However the layout of it is extremely easy to {Read More}

Review: Madden ’09

I have been playing this game a lot and I’d thought I’d right a review about it. Madden 09 is a great game that any football/sport fan would want. It has very lifelike graphics that make you feel like your actually playing. I love the use of the madden test so you can see what level you should compete at. Its rated E for everybody so i think a football fan of every age would love it. The Xbox live {Read More}