Space Shooter Target Game: Toy Story 3 Edition

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We are having a blast (pun intended) with this at our house! Although we admittedly don’t really play with the game pieces much but that is the whole point of Toy Story 3 right? Make your own fun. Mom likes that the flying discs are yet to break anything. They don’t pack that big of a punch but the boys still love shooting one another at safe things. Great addition to all the Toy Story play shooting we have going {Read More}

K’NEX Koolness

Ooooh, Team Mom sent us the coolest 400 piece tub of K’NEX to play with. We love K’NEX in this house. The tub came with a model book of over 20 super cool things to make. What we really love about them is that the play nicely with Lego’s so you make all sorts of cool stuff. We sat down as a family and made a hot air balloon with the set. We had a lot of fun playing with {Read More}