Beatles Remastered

I loved the Beatles growing up (not that I am that old) so I was completely excited when I found out that there is a new album coming out of all remastered Beatles songs. Think the Beatles aren’t still relevant to todays music? Think again! Katy Perry discusses The Beatles Lilly Allen discusses The Beatles The remastered album is out in stores now.


Last week we recieved two copies of this in the mail, one for us to review and one to giveaway to a lucky BeTweenTalk member! We had a lot of fun listening to the songs in the car on a recent roadtrip. As always we loved Selena Gomez, she was the best artist on the soundtrack with Steve Rushton and KSM being a close second. All the songs have a ‘magic’ theme and we thought it was definetly worth buying! {Read More}

The “What’s that song?” game!

OK, here’s how my game works. You post some lyrics (words) of a song, and the poster below you has to guess what that song is, and then post their own song lyrics. You ready? Oh, well imagine As I’m pacing the pews in a church corridor And I can’t help but to hear No, I can’t help but to hear an exchanging of words. Any ideas? Read more here…

What song are you currently listening right now???

Very popular thread on the forum. So, go tell us what you are listening to right now. Other tweens want to know! Read more here…

BTT Awards 2009 – Come here to vote!

Things are a little different this year. Last year, we didn’t get many nominations at ALL. So basically we looked at what we had and just sort of picked a couple for each category. Haha. This year was, well, different. If any person or thread got more than one nomination for a category, they were automatically put through to voting (unless they won that award last year.) After that, it got a bit unorganized and that’s why some categories have {Read More}