E3 News and Update

POWER A Batarang Controller for Xbox 360 and PS3 - dark

Hey Between Talk Readers! Two weeks ago E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo, was held in Los Angeles.  We saw tons of new things for the upcoming year including two new consoles: The NGP from Sony and the WiiU from Nintendo! What are your thoughts on these new systems?  What about the games you saw? Also at E3 was the Powe A Batarang Controller for Xbox 360 and PS3, as you can see below! I usually dont partake in third party {Read More}

3DS Release Date Announced!


On January 19th the 3DS’s Release Date and price were both announced! The 3DS is Nintendo’s next leap in portable gaming, with 3D!  As you can see above, the 3DS will have a joy stick, direction pad, and the normal A, B, X, Y button lay out.  This piece of technology is a huge revolution in 3D gaming as the gamer won’t need glasses to see the 3D effect!  There are some aspects of this system that worry me, though: {Read More}

E3 Announcments!


Hey everyone, Some of you might have heard that E3, THE video game conference, has been going on this week and there have been some incredible announcements!  From the three videogame giants, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, there have been an avalanche of new titles and hardware to expect in the coming year.  Microsoft: The announcement that we have all been waiting for: Project Natal has been officially announced, only now it is called The Kinect.  I must say that I {Read More}

Littlest Pet Shop Friends Game for DS

Members of the kid testing panel had a lot of fun playing with the review copy we received here at BeTweenTalk. Here is a comment from one mom: This Game was very easy for my six year old to learn and to play. She has not put it down since she opened the box. She told me it was like her toys had come to life, but better. The arcade portion of the game contains many very cute and entertaining {Read More}