3 Perfect Films for Pajama Movie Night

pajama night movie-Elf

There are few family activities as classic as snuggling up together for a pajama movie night before bed and relaxing.  To help your family truly get into these late night films — and seamlessly slip into bed after them — here are 3 films that are perfect to watch dressed up in pajamas or other easy costumes. Where the Wild Things Are Where the Wild Things Are may have origins as a classic bed time story, but with its film {Read More}

Sparkle the Movie Shines


A movie with Whitney Houston, THE last movie with Whitney Houston.  *sigh*.  Such talent, such a loss, and you have to wonder if this story was based on part of her history, but I guess I’m not really here to talk about Whitney alone, it’s about the movie. I honestly had no idea what to expect with this one.  Only that I LOVE that era, aside from the political nightmares and segregation, I’m talking about the details to hair, make {Read More}

THE MUPPETS – Statler & Waldorf’s Guide to Going to the Movies!


STATLER & WALDORF’S GUIDE TO GOING TO THE MOVIES   With Disney’s “The Muppets” coming out in theaters soon, Statler and Waldorf offer unsolicited advice and a whole lot of laughs about what to watch for at the theater. STATLER:    When going to see a movie starring the Muppets, always get a good seat… WALDORF:   …one that doesn’t face the screen!   WALDORF:   If you arrive late for your movie, stick around… STATLER:    …they’ll be releasing a sequel soon!   STATLER:    {Read More}

Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer!


The film chronicles Judy Moody’s adventures in which she sets out to have the most thrilling summer of her life with the help of her little brother Stink and fun-loving Aunt Opal. Directed by John Schultz, the film stars Australian actress Jordana Beatty as Judy Moody alongside Heather Graham. Also co-starring in the film is Jaleel White. The script, penned by Kathy Waugh and Megan McDonald, is based on the characters in McDonald’s popular children’s book series. Get ready everyone, because {Read More}



We had the chance to preview  HOODWINKED TOO! HOOD VS. EVIL a few days before it came out. It was such a cute movie. The grownups liked it as much as the kids. Tweens are the perfect audience for this fast paced, play on classic fairy tale movie! Here is the “official” release description: The good… the bad… the Twitchy. From the team that brought you HOODWINKED, the comedic portrayal of the fairy tale Red Riding Hood, comes the all-new {Read More}

Clash of the Dinosaurs

Discovery sent us a sneak peek of this and it is so cool! It starts tonight with 2 episodes and Discovery shows the last two episodes next Sunday, the 13th! It is on at 8 pm EST so check with your parents to see what time it is on in your area. If it is on too late for you to stay up on a Sunday, make sure you tape it. This can be a little scary for some of {Read More}