Hotel Transylvania is a Movie Kids Can Really Sink Their Teeth Into

Hotel Transylvania - Mavis and Jonathan

Everybody needs a vacation. Even monsters. And when monsters need to get away, they visit the lavish, 5-stake Hotel Transylvania – free of humans for over 100 years. Because just like in Monsters Inc., monsters are as afraid of us as we are of them. The Hotel was built and is run by Dracula, who has kept his daughter, Mavis, confined there and free from the dangers of the outside world (and humans) for 117 years now.  And he’d like {Read More}

Ice Age: Continental Drift – Escape the Summer Heat and Chill Out

Ice Age Continental Drift Movie Review

My kids are fans of the Ice Age series. We own all three previous movies, with Dawn of the Dinosaurs being our hands down favorite. Sure there are dinosaurs chasing mammals during the Ice Age, but the writing and humor are worth looking past paleontology. Ice Age: Continental Drift starts with Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel who is forever chasing an acorn, looking for a place to hide his treasured nut. It escapes, and he chases it to the center of {Read More}

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted – More Than Just a Circus


Rrrrraaaa da dada dada dat dat Circus. Dat dat dada dada dat dat Afro. Afro Circus Polka dot polka dot. Afro Circus. You will be singing that for days after seeing the third installment of the Madagascar movies, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, opening in theaters today. But don’t let that discourage you from seeing this movie. Everyone came out of the screening singing that song and hailing this as the best in the series. I loved the first Madagascar {Read More}