WINNER! Written by Sawsage: There once was a boy, Little Johnny, his name, The protagonist of this tale Being driven insane. Being scared out of his skin, Being given a fright On October thirty-first, The most frightening of nights. Twas not the pumpkins, Or the costumes on show. (Sorry about the “twas”, Presumptuous, I know.) It would be one of these things, You would presume, No, it was the fireworks, Which flash and go boom. He feared the suspense, The {Read More}

Spooky Story

I heard the doorbell go downstairs…my friends had arrived to go trick or treating! I ran down the stairs (nearly fell down) to go and meet them. Megan, Alex & Mike were at the door. Megan had come as a witch, Alex as a wizard, and typical Mike had dressed up as a ghost. They had already been to some houses, so their trick or treat bag wasn’t completely empty unlike mine. I waved goodbye to my Mom, and stepped {Read More}

The Haunted Delivery

Prize: Honorable Mention and 5,000 TCC! Written by MadBrat98: The night of Halloween, Peppy Pizza Palace received a call from someone who wanted a pizza. The customer lived in a big house on Haunted Lane. No one wanted the job because everyone knows the house is haunted. One of the new guys agreed to take it. The delivery guy arrived and saw the closed iron gate. He stepped out of the car and looked around to see what to do {Read More}

The Ghost Of Julie

Prize: Honorable Mention and 5,000 TCC! Written by HappySmartG: Once upon a time, in a small town, there lived a young women by the name of Julie. She was days before marrying the man of her dreams in secret, before her parents found out and forbade her of her dearest wish. She cried and sobbed and begged but they still denied her. She was so devasted and distraught that she went to the bridge, called Red Brick Bridge, conneting one {Read More}