Monster Jam Coupon Code 2013 Show in Denver!

Monster Truck Jam Denver

It’s coming! It’s coming! And I have access to an exclusive Monster Jam Coupon Code 2013 just for you and keep reading because I am giving away 6 tickets at the end of this post to one lucky reader! The world’s premier monster truck series, Monster Jam® is affordably priced for the whole family with seats starting at $10 for kids and $20 for adults. Playing Pepsi Center February 8 -10 with FOUR performances by popular demand! The Denver Monster {Read More}

Phineas and Ferb Live Coupon Code

Phineas and Ferb Live

Disney is coming to Denver again and this time it is giving BeTweenTalk readers a special Phineas and Ferb Live coupon code to go with it! YAY! “Mom! Phineas and Ferb are going on a LIVE tour!!!” School‘s out for summer and anything is possible as Phineas and Ferb create their biggest invention yet — Disney’s Phineas and Ferb: The Best LIVE Tour Ever!  Phineas, Ferb, and the whole tri-state area gang embark on a bold escape jumping out from {Read More}

Rise of the Guardians – Forget What You Know About Childhood Legends and Believe

Rise of the Guardians Movie Review

Rise of the Guardians is one of the most beautifully stunning animated films ever. The scenes and the characters pop off the screen as a cherished Christmas storybook comes to life. This isn’t your average 3-D animated film with cartoon characters and make believe. There is plenty of make-believe, but the animation looks more hand-drawn than computer-animated. This is one of the only recent animated films that also makes great use of the 3-D. It isn’t 3-D to be 3-D: {Read More}

‘Life of Pi’ with a 7-year Old

Life of Pi Movie Review for Between Talk

As my 7-year old and I were walking into the theater to see ‘Life of Pi’ she was telling me alllll about what she’d read in school about how desert plants grow. I was watching the parking lot traffic for us both.  All the way to our seats,  as we sat waiting for the movie to start; right up ’til the lights dimmed she kept going on and on about stuff she’d learned in school. To be honest, I was {Read More}

Spielberg’s Lincoln is One for the History Books


Politics has never been as ugly as it was in our earliest years as a young nation. If there were ever any doubt Steven Spielberg puts it to rest in the telling of the battles fought – on the field and off – in the final four months of Lincoln’s presidency. In these last few months before his assassination in 1865, Lincoln was determined not only to end the Civil War and unite the country, but to end slavery at {Read More}

Wreck-It-Ralph a Hit for HD Kids and Their 8-Bit Parents


My girls, ages 11 and 7, have been anxiously awaiting Wreck-It-Ralph to show up in theaters since they saw the trailers for it this summer. They have been counting the days and when a trailer appears on TV, they stop and watch it yelling, “WE have to see Wreck-It-Ralph! Wreck-It-Ralph!” Both love their Mario Bros, Kirby and more. When the opportunity to see some of their beloved game characters come to life on the big screen, they were all over {Read More}

Be A Part of Kinect Nat Geo TV

NatGeo TV selection screen

A few days ago Laurie did a review on Kinect Sesame Street TV, it was the first time any of us had a chance to check out the concept of interacting with TV inside a video game with our kids. Laurie’s family loved it so I was excited to see what our family would think of jumping into Kinect’s Nat Geo TV Game. We have always been big fans of Kinect. I was expecting them to love this new experience {Read More}

Be Wary and On Guard When Boarding Your Pets

Kobe Safe At Home

*This story was submitted by one of our teen guest contributors NL to let other families know about their experience with at the PetSmart South Las Vegas Nevada. We think it serves as an important reminder to always be vigilant when boarding your 4 legged family members* A few days ago we got a call from my Grandma who lives in Albuquerque. She said my Great Grandma who also lives in Albuquerque had cancer and wasn’t going to make it much longer. Right {Read More} is the New Way to Rid Your Closets of All That Stuff!

fridge farm

Sick of Craigslist and EBay? There’s a new and easy way to empty your crowded closets of all that unwanted stuff and get something you need in return. It’s called, and the creators want you to be as stoked about it as I am! A friend told me about StokeBox, so I decided to give it try to get rid of some of my five-year-old’s toddler toys that have been lying around for way too long. After creating an {Read More}

Kinect Sesame Street TV for Xbox 360 Review

Kinect Sesame Street TV

If you have ever heard the names Big Bird, Cookie Monster or Oscar the Grouch, then you are no stranger to the classic PBS television show, Sesame Street.  It is hard to believe that a children’s show that I grew up watching is still around to share with my children.  Yet it isn’t hard to see why it has continued to make it all these years later.  As a matter of fact, its popularity seems to continue to grow. I {Read More}