The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!


I must admit, when I first started watching this I thought it would be one of those shows marketed towards really young kids.  Boy was I wrong!   This show has something for everyone.  Young kids will love their favorite super heroes beating their favorite villains.  Adults will see their cherished memories of their favorite comic books come to life in a very “true to the original” way.  Yes, there is some cheesy dialogue and some of the characters did {Read More}



We had the chance to preview  HOODWINKED TOO! HOOD VS. EVIL a few days before it came out. It was such a cute movie. The grownups liked it as much as the kids. Tweens are the perfect audience for this fast paced, play on classic fairy tale movie! Here is the “official” release description: The good… the bad… the Twitchy. From the team that brought you HOODWINKED, the comedic portrayal of the fairy tale Red Riding Hood, comes the all-new {Read More}

The 53rd Grammys!

Arcade-Fire-Grammy-Performance (2)

Hey guys, it’s Nirvana here. As you may have seen, the 53rd Grammys took place roughly a week ago. Some of the award winners were a surprise, such as album of the year, which went to Arcade Fire. Some performances were pretty cool also. Anyways, here’s a list of who won what: Record of the Year: * Need You Now, Lady Antebellum Nothin’ On You, B.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars Love The Way You Lie, Eminem feat. Rihanna F*** You, Cee {Read More}

Tony Hawk Shred Review


Tony Hawk Shred is the direct sequel to last year’s game, Tony Hawk Ride.  These games are known in videogames for its motion controlled skate board that comes with the game.  In Tony Hawk Ride the skate board was a little too unresponsive, but that is definitely fixed in Tony Hawk Shred.  The Skate Board controller is very responsive, but when I was trying to do more advanced moves which involved multiple pivots and grabs I found myself almost falling {Read More}



In celebration of DESPICABLE ME on Blu-ray and DVD on 12/14/10, please find a preview of the brand new BANANA mini movie featuring those lovable Minions on the Blu-ray combo pack and DVD double pack!   In a happy suburban neighborhood surrounded by white picket fences with flowering rose bushes, sits a black house with a dead lawn.  Unbeknownst to the neighbors, hidden deep beneath this home is a vast secret hideout.  Surrounded by an army of tireless, little yellow {Read More}

Mummy Mazes: A Monumental Book Review


Mummy Mazes is a great book of Egyptian monuments turned mazes!  The book has 28 poster size mazes and all have the ability to be taken from the book and hung somewhere.  This book is great for young and old alike.  The young will have fun trying to do the mazes and coloring in the pictures, and afterword hanging the picture on a wall, while the older readers will find the mazes to be quite challenging and the facts to {Read More}

DVD Review: Hannah Montana Forever: Who is Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana

I think most of us have heard of Hannah Montana- the TV show about the middle-to-high-school student who becomes a famous singer of the same name using a blond wig as a disguise.  This DVD is a collection of episodes from various seasons, both from Hannah Montana and Hannah Montana Forever (the name of the fourth season, for those who didn’t know).  In each episode, Miley reveals her identity as Hannah Montana to a different person, or more than one {Read More}

World Series Roadtrip to Help Cure Cancer

Carwoo Giants Signing

The kid testing panel thinks this is COOL! CarWoo is currently running a campaign to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen foundation during the World Series. They bought a kicking’ ’78 Camaro and painted a bright pink stripe down the center. They rolled it up to the second World Series game in San Francisco last Thursday and got hundreds of Giants fans to sign the car and donate for Breast Cancer Research. Now Tommy and Erik are driving with {Read More}

Apply to Be A Writer

Welcome to the “new” BTT Blog! Read more to find out what’s going on now.

XBOX Kinect-THE Christmas Gift of 2010

xbox kinect from amazon

OK, parents, listen up. Every year a toy comes along that gets so much hype, the kids start begging for it, prices soar on eBay and no store has it in stock. A few years ago it was the wii, but we have seen it from Cabbage Patch Kids to Tickle Me Elmo. Well, this year, consider yourself duly warned….the XBOX Kinect is going to be IT this year. So, what is it? It is an extension to the XBOX {Read More}