Shake It Up! TV Show Review (by Lindsey)

shake it up

(I am posting this for Lindsey.) Shake It Up is a sitcom that revolves around two best friends, Rocky Blue (Zendaya Coleman) and Cece Jones (Bella Thorne), who has to deal with everyday problems, including social status at school and an annoying little brother, as well as being background dancers for the show Shake It Up Chicago. Before the premiere on Disney Channel, I thought the commercials for the show portrayed the two leading girls as being too bubbly and {Read More}

Mia (FaLlOuTgUrL)’s Concert Review- Paramore


Hey all! It’s FaLlOuTgUrL here, telling you about maybe one of the best nights ever… So a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go and see Paramore/B.o.B/Fun!  Paramore, in case you don’t know, is a pop-punk band from Tennessee, they have 5 members: One of them being Hayley Williams, the girl who sang on B.o.B’s hit song “Airplanes”. B.o.B was the main support act. He is a rapper from Georgia, and has had hits such as “Nothin’ on {Read More}

Ellie’s Book Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


(This is Ellie’s book review, I am posting it due to some technical difficulties.) This is one of my favorite books ever. It’s the fourth in the Harry Potter series, which is a series that focuses on a wizard named Harry, whose parents were killed by a dark wizard named Voldemort when Harry was a baby. Voldemort was intending on killing Harry however, because the curse was actually aimed for him, not his parents. Harry, however, rebounded the curse, causing {Read More}

DVD Review: Hannah Montana Forever: Who is Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana

I think most of us have heard of Hannah Montana- the TV show about the middle-to-high-school student who becomes a famous singer of the same name using a blond wig as a disguise.  This DVD is a collection of episodes from various seasons, both from Hannah Montana and Hannah Montana Forever (the name of the fourth season, for those who didn’t know).  In each episode, Miley reveals her identity as Hannah Montana to a different person, or more than one {Read More}

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