is the New Way to Rid Your Closets of All That Stuff!

Sick of Craigslist and EBay? There’s a new and easy way to empty your crowded closets of all that unwanted stuff and get something you need in return. It’s called, and the creators want you to be as stoked about it as I am!

A friend told me about StokeBox, so I decided to give it try to get rid of some of my five-year-old’s toddler toys that have been lying around for way too long. After creating an account, it’s time to list your box. Here’s how the process works in three easy steps:

1. Take a picture of your stuff. For now, StokeBox can only feature one photo. So, try to compose your stuff into one vertical rectangle as shown and take the picture from above at a high resolution.

2. Create a listing for your stuff. StokeBox keeps things simple by utilizing USPS priority boxes that ship for a flat rate regardless of weight. They come in three sizes: small ($10), medium ($15) and large ($20). Just pick the right size box for your items. You may even want to keep the three boxes on hand to test out your items before you list them. More on that later.

After you’ve picked the right size box, upload your photo.

Then you’re going to add the title, description and tags. Tags help others find your items by searching through key words that appear on the left of the site.

3. List your stuff! Once you’ve completed the listing, it goes live on the home page with the box price listed, + 1 token. Tokens are earned by either listing an item, or selling one. So, you’ve now just earned 1 token.

Now the really fun part – pick a box in return!

With my token, I bought this beautiful set of Gymboree clothes and accessories. StokeBox will send the seller a PDF of their shipping label, so all they have to do is affix it to the box and drop it at the post office. Now how easy is that?

Once your box sells, you will get ANOTHER token to pick even more cool stuff that you need.

Editing Your Listing

After first listing my Fridge Farm as a small box item, I took the time to actually measure the toy and compare it to the dimensions of the small box. It was just a few inches too short for what I needed.

Now, at the $15 box price for the medium box, I’m actually going to need to add some more toys to the box to make it more appealing for that price. Once a box is listed, you can always go in and Edit the listing by choosing “My Boxes” from your Profile drop-down menu.

Gather Your Stuff

If you’re ready to trade some of your best, gently used and outgrown stuff with like-minded members for their best stuff, I recommend giving StokeBox a try. It costs nothing to list a box, so you’ve got nothing to lose, except that stuff you want out of your house!


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