La Dee Da Doll Review Times Two!

La Dee Da Doll in box

My five-year-old daughter, Reagan loves fashion dolls. Especially Barbie. She watches all her movies and even picked out a Barbie lunch box for Kindergarten. So, it was with great excitement that I introduced her to a brand new fashion doll, the La Dee Da Doll. But, I was also a bit nervous. You see, Reagan has a tendency go a little “Sunnyside” on her dolls.

Reagan couldn’t wait to get “Dee” out of the box. Her outfit is so fun and colorful, the first order of business was to take it all off of course! That’s always the first step, and apparently the most fun. I barely got a chance to show her how all of Dee’s accessories and even her skirt worked in multiple ways. Her leggings when pushed down become leg warmers, her skyline skirt turns into a poufy bubble skirt, and her flower and bow can go anywhere on her you want. Lots of details to this dee-signer doll, including a pin cushion bracelet.

Next step, is the bathtub. All dolls must be christened in Mr. Bubble.

And finally, there’s the experimentation phase. This is where limbs are twisted and pulled to their limits, hair is re-styled and dolls are forced into unnatural poses and stuck in places they don’t belong. To my surprise, Dee is no worse for the wear.

When I asked my little Doctor Frankenstein what she thought of Dee, she said, “I want all her friends too!” It’s good to know Dee received a strong mark of approval, as I knew she would, and will continue to be a favorite in the bath tub where she still resides today.

Rajean’s Take:

La Dee Da DollI can honestly say my nine year old daughter loves that I’m a writer. Now more than ever. Why? Because I recently received a package in the mail that, while having my name on it, really had her name all over it. So much so that she didn’t wait until I finished with my gardening to rip into the box. 

 I briefly saw the cute and colorful packaging. I didn’t get the opportunity to take a photo of it for readers to see, however, because she clearly couldn’t wait. Her new La Dee Da doll, named Dee, was too enticing to sit inside a cardboard box covered in plastic.

“Oh, mama, look at her, she’s so fashionable!” she came running out to tell me while I was still pulling weeds. “I love her, I know I already LOVE her!”

La Dee Da DollI didn’t see my daughter again for at least an hour. Her brother either for that matter. When they emerged from her room, I got a full, detailed description of what they loved about Dee.

 “Look at her beautiful eyes, mama, can you see one looks just like that statue lady in that big New York city?” she told me. I was impressed because while she can read very well, I didn’t find a description on the box, but clearly Dee’s left eye is modeled after the crown from the Statue of Liberty.

They both loved the fact that with one gentle pull of a string, Dee’s dress converts from a flowing skirt to a bubble skirt. She told me of her dress being painted to look like a big city, that her stockings can be pulled up or scrunched down and her flower can be in her beautiful red and black hair or worn on her belt. My son loves her soft, silky straight hair. Now to keep the scissors hidden! 

Then they ran outside to show off Dee to all the neighbors. A pretty good indication that they were equally proud to claim her as their own.

I found the back of the box. I can see the makers of La Dee Da dolls have created a website where you can direct your kids to play games, get an app and gain craft ideas, plus, I’m sure, meet all of Dee’s stylish friends. Go to

Disclaimer: While we both received the La Dee Da doll for this review at no charge, the opinions are all our own