Be A Part of Kinect Nat Geo TV

A few days ago Laurie did a review on Kinect Sesame Street TV, it was the first time any of us had a chance to check out the concept of interacting with TV inside a video game with our kids. Laurie’s family loved it so I was excited to see what our family would think of jumping into Kinect’s Nat Geo TV Game. We have always been big fans of Kinect. I was expecting them to love this new experience and I was right.

The Kinect Nat Geo TV Game starts off by allowing you to choose which episode you would like to play in:

NatGeo TV selection screen

For today’s adventure we jumped into the episode Black Bear Invasion. We joined in with guide Casey Anderson as we were introduced to the wild bears and learned about their environments. A series of role playing games felt like we were right in the show.

As a mom what I like about that these new interactive games require active participation in what is normally a passive activity. I, also, love that the NatGeo game is educational. As something really important to my family in particular is that it is possible for wheelchair users to play. These second generation Kinect games are really start to take people with mobility issues into account. We found that when the games ask you to stand up, you can wait out the timer, and it allows you to still play on while seated in a wheelchair.

My kids enjoyed the screen interactions with the animals and loved being able to take photos just using a voice command.

All and all I think those of us how had the chance to test out these Kinect Interactive TV technology are very impressed with it and are happy to recommend them to our friends for their upcoming holiday plans! Thanks XBOX for sending over these review copies so we could try them out and share what we thought. You get 2 thumbs up from us!

PS…You may want to let Santa know that we just saw that XBOX 360 with Kinect is as low as $99 right now.

If you do already have the Kinect, this game is a good deal for $29.99 at the Microsoft Store.