Hotel Transylvania is a Movie Kids Can Really Sink Their Teeth Into

Everybody needs a vacation. Even monsters. And when monsters need to get away, they visit the lavish, 5-stake Hotel Transylvania – free of humans for over 100 years. Because just like in Monsters Inc., monsters are as afraid of us as we are of them.

The Hotel was built and is run by Dracula, who has kept his daughter, Mavis, confined there and free from the dangers of the outside world (and humans) for 117 years now.  And he’d like to keep it that way. But, as their monster friends gather from all over the world for Mavis’ 118th birthday party, a human also finds his way to the hotel through the dark and deadly forest and befriends Mavis.

My five-year-old daughter and I were completely enchanted by this movie. It was charming, funny and at times, very touching. I was a bit afraid that some of it may be too dark for her, but I didn’t find it dark at all. And while the movie is rated PG for some rude humor (think gas), action and scary images, other than a few times where Dracula gets an angry red face and crazy eyes when he gets mad and yells, nothing about the film was even close to frightening. My daughter said Dracula’s angry face was the only “scary” part for her.

All of the characters are friendly, quirky and loveable, as voiced by some of your favorite actors including: Adam Sandler as Dracula, David Spade as the Invisible Man, Steve Buscemi as the Wayne the Werewolf, Jon Lovitz as Quasimodo, Kevin James as Frankenstein and Fran Drescher as his wife, Eunice.

The music and dance sequences in the film were some of the best parts. The movie’s final scene is so fun and catchy, it had us all applauding and waiting for the credits to finish rolling before we got up from our seats.

If you have the option, you don’t need to see this film in 3D. Very little of the film actually utilizes the technology. But, DO see this film! Before Halloween!

Chris Bird is a designer, WAHM of one and pilot’s wife living in Colorado. She writes about family travel as Standby Traveling Mom on as well as her many misadventures and life in between at Follow her on Twitter.