Sparkle the Movie Shines

A movie with Whitney Houston, THE last movie with Whitney Houston.  *sigh*.  Such talent, such a loss, and you have to wonder if this story was based on part of her history, but I guess I’m not really here to talk about Whitney alone, it’s about the movie.

I honestly had no idea what to expect with this one.  Only that I LOVE that era, aside from the political nightmares and segregation, I’m talking about the details to hair, make up, costumes.  It’s all so gorgeous and this movie made me want to reinvent myself to be a girl from the late 60’s.  

Jordin Sparks shines as Sparkle, a timid, prudish girl with a passion for music, singing, and song writing.  Yet her upbringing from Whitney’s cold character as Sparkle’s mom, said she should be doing anything BUT living out her passion, because she’s already been there and done that, and got severely hurt.  Initially you think that the oldest sister, named Sister, would be the one with the star appeal, but she gets herself into major trouble.  I love the message, and on a funny note,  I love that CeeLo Green had hair (and he loses his sunglasses to play this roll, his eyeballs really do exist!).

I was surprised with Bishop TD Jakes as one of the producers of Sparkle, the faith message wasn’t stronger.  Yes, they mentioned faith, God, Jesus, but gosh I think they could have really made it a stronger message.

To be completely cliche, I did love Sparkle’s Sparkle.  The most awkward moment of the movie being the dinner scene.  I won’t give anything away, but ouch, that one was uncomfortable.  Things start going downhill fast after that.  One of the most powerful moments was Whitney + the Choir, that will bring you to tears in an instant – such a powerful voice.

I have been debating on whether I would take my kiddos to see this movie, and I think the jury is still out.  They’re 12 and 10 1/2.  There’s drug usage, abuse, a minuscule amount of sex, as the ladies start to succeed their costumes go from church gear to Marilyn Monroe quicker than you can say Smoky Robinson.  However, the message of pursuing your dreams whether the odds are stacked against you or not, is a strong message for anyone. No one ever said it would be easy.

My favorite line of the movie was –

 “Why would God give me this gift if I wasn’t supposed to use it?”

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