Batman The Dark Night Rises Movie Review

Batman The Dark Knight Rises is a great movie and follows up on the two films in this now finished Batman trilogy very well. The movie focuses a lot on Bruce Wayne instead of Batman (Christian Bale). The Dark Knight Rises is appropriate for its pg-13 rating. There’s not a lot of cussing, and the violence is on par with the other movies in this trilogy. Our friends at Colorado Mom talk about if The Dark Night Rises is appropriate for kids under 13 if you would like more opinions.

It’s a very high-budget film and they put every bit of the money into use. The actors are phenomenal and the scenery and background items are outstanding. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman was great. The Batman action scenes are just as good as the 1st Dark Knight if not better.

dark knight rises

The only negatives about the movie were that I found Bane’s (Tom Hardy) voice annoying and that it was 3 hours. However, everything else was great and just what I expected coming into this movie. Overall I thought this was am awesome movie and is definitely worth purchasing a movie ticket or two for. We were invited to watch this as a screening in a huge IMAX theater and that is absolutely the way to go if you have a choice. The IMAX just amplified an already awesome experience.

Are you planning on seeing it? What did you think? Talk to me in the comments.