Helping Teens Stay Safe Behind the Wheel

How did you feel the first time you put the key in the ignition?

Remember the thrill and the feeling of invincibility you had the first time you drove? Unfortunately, these feelings may overshadow a realistic perception of what could happen while driving.

Teen drivers are not always prepared, and they may be dealing with more distractions than you dealt with when you were learning to drive. Also, they may not be fully aware of how cars function. This lack of experience may lead them down a dangerous road: car crashes are the #1 cause of death for teens.

You can help your teen learn to drive safely. When you’re driving with your teen, explain choices you’re making, like not turning left on a yellow light. Let your teen know if a certain neighbor always backs out of his driveway without looking. Explain why drivers should never exceed the speed limit (speeding is a leading cause of teen accidents!), and tell your teen when to slow down, and why, especially on turns. Decreasing speed on turns allows drivers to maintain more steering control. This booklet includes tips on how to talk with teens effectively about driving, as well as a contract for parents and teens to complete and sign. If your teen abides by the rules in the contract, how will you reward him or her? Be specific, and use positive reinforcement whenever possible.

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