Disney Brings the Magic Back to Park Meadows Mall

Families in Colorado don’t have to travel far to experience the magic Disney can provide now that the Disney Store is open again in the Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, CO. Hundreds of eager patrons of all ages, many who were clearly holding the hands of their own children, waited outside the main entrance to the store on Saturday, June 9th to celebrate the grand opening of the award-winning concept store.
As only Disney can, the store simply didn’t open the doors. No. One lucky guest got to ‘unlock imagination,’ using an oversized lock and key. But the real magic happened when said key was delivered to the front of the line via a Disney cast mate. He wasn’t alone. Nope. Mickey and Minnie Mouse were dancing toward the doors! The crowd roared.
Seriously, what is it with those colorfully-attired rodents that brings out the kid in adults and makes us squeal with delight ever as much as our children when we lock eyes with them? I loved seeing the excitement in my children’s faces as they saw the beloved characters they were about to be lucky enough to meet. My youngest child has never been to Disney and my middle child who is now nine has little memory of her first brush with a Disney theme park.
For that very reason, I’m so happy to have a little bit of Disney within a short drive from our home. This store is
Interactive and Disney executives promise the retail experience ‘will offer the best 30 minutes of a child’s day.’ This mom can’t argue with that. My kids loved following the Pixie Dust Trail to the Disney Princess Castle with Magic Mirror.  With the wave of a wand, your child can summons a princess to appear in the mirror and share her story via short video clip. We could have spent more than 30 minutes in this display alone, but we moved on down the line to allow others to enjoy. I think my son has the hots for Ariel.
Both my kids liked the Magical Trees, that seem to come to life as you pass by with some of Disney’s favorite characters projected up among the leaves. I have it on good authority these trees will feature beloved Toy Story visitors as the next movie in the franchise opens.
Right now, a display of Brave products including plush, dolls, apparel, costumes and stationary caught the attention of my little ones. My son was also eager to give me his wish list for all the Disney-Pixar’s Cars merchandise.
I especially liked that Disney donated ten percent of the grand opening day’s proceeds to Make-A-Wish Foundation. Store manager Jennifer shared the Lone Tree store was proud to donate $29,000 from grand opening day. That will make a lot of wishes come true and I’m happy to have contributed by my purchase of a  Pooh and Stitch character plush for my kids.
Big kids can find beach towels, character mugs, adult t-shirts and home décor at the Disney Store. I know where some of my favorite gifts will come from now.
The Lone Tree store features a unique skyline with iconic Disney storytelling scenes and Lone Tree landmarks. The Brave celebration continues through July 1st. Next up, it’s all about Toy Story! Be sure to check out the theatre inside the store containing over 50 film clips, music videos and film promo trailers.
To find a Disney Store Location, guests can visit www.DisneyStore.com/storelocator or call (866) 902-2798. Guests can also sign up for email alerts at www.DisneyStore.com/Updates, become a fan on www.facebook.com/DisneyStore or follow on Twitter www.twitter.com/DisneyStore to stay connected.