Men In Black 3 in 3D – Makings of a Summer Blockbuster

MIB3 LogoI can’t believe it’s been ten years since the last time we’ve seen Agents K and J fighting crime. From the looks of Men In Black 3 in 3D, we’ll see them partnering up again in the not-too-distant future.

Why? Because they’re good together. Again. I didn’t much care for the sequel to the original Men In Black, which took five years to follow the original – which I loved. MIB3D reminds me of why I laughed out loud and enjoyed the first movie.

I watched the preview earlier this week as a member of the media, the film opens everywhere today. I took along my 20-year-old daughter because she’s seen the first two movies in this series. MIB3D is rated PG-13. I think preteens as young as maybe 11 will enjoy this film and get most of the humor, but my 9-year-old daughter said she wants to see MIB3D. We’ll wait a few years to view the DVD together and here are my reasons:

1) There is a fair amount of shoot ’em up, yes, mostly with futuristic looking weapons that look more like toys, but guns aimed at extraterrestrial beings and once hit, they splatter in all the glory 3D can muster. Nothing really gross, mostly theatrical, but still a bit too violent for kids much younger than the rating implies.

2) The first few scenes feature Boris the Animal (he prefers just Boris but earns his nickname), convincingly portrayed by Jermaine Clement of Flight of the Concord, and his girlfriend (Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger). Preteen/teen boys will love the way she looks in her barely-there dress, but the kissing scene shows off pretty exaggerated tongue hockey. Funny. But in your face. Boris has an intense look (think monster), a pet bug-like creature that creeped me out and wild voice. The kind that can bring on scary dreams for the younger set. With a DVD and a pre screening of your own, you will know when to fast forward and/or hide little one’s eyes.

3) There is cussing. No F words, but sprinkled about enough. The dialogue is more adult. Funny.

I knew I’d missed Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) when in an early scene he tells Agent J (Will Smith), “You know what would go good with this (food)? Silence.” Enter Agent O, sporting great hair plus the acting chops of Emma Thompson, the younger Agent K (Josh Brolin), coupled with the excellent chemistry of Jones and Smith – the makings of a blockbuster are in full swing. Brolin nails his part, so well in fact, that you really do think you’re watching a younger Tommy Lee Jones.

I loved the vibe of going back to 1969 (think of how popular Mad Men is now). There were a few scenes in the iconic NYC club, The Factory, featuring a great depiction of Andy Warhol mastered by Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader. Because I’m an aviation nut, I really liked the mixing of real Apollo launch footage with that done on a sound stage.

You’ll be craving chocolate milk by movie’s end. You might want to skip the sushi before and after and you will laugh. A lot. This mama may have wiped a few tears away (hard to do while wearing 3D glasses). Another reason I predict MIB3D will be a hit? Clapping at the end. My daughter and I joined in.

I’m a credits reader. Found this little tidbit. Director Barry Sonnenfeld, who deserves props for this movie, plays a dad watching the Apollo launch on TV. Love learning stuff like that.

Rajean BloomquistRajean Blomquist blogs about public relations, parenting and most things in between on her site Because I Said So. Whenever possible, she’ll include a punch of humor she calls seasoned and saucy. She and her husband parent four children and live in sunny Colorado. Find her on Twitter.