THE MUPPETS – Statler & Waldorf’s Guide to Going to the Movies!




With Disney’s “The Muppets” coming out in theaters soon, Statler and Waldorf offer unsolicited advice and a whole lot of laughs about what to watch for at the theater.

STATLER:    When going to see a movie starring the Muppets, always get a good seat…

WALDORF:   …one that doesn’t face the screen!


WALDORF:   If you arrive late for your movie, stick around…

STATLER:    …they’ll be releasing a sequel soon!


STATLER:    Never get a bucket of popcorn that’s larger than your car.


WALDORF:   Don’t talk on your cell phone during the movie….

STATLER:    …it might wake us up!


WALDORF:   If you have to explain everything in the movie to the person you’re sitting next to…

STATLER:    …welcome to my world.


WALDORF:   Sometimes the movie is not out of focus—you are.


STATLER:    Don’t talk back to the movie…

WALDORF:   …that’s our job!


WALDORF:   If you don’t have anything nice to say about a movie…

STATLER:    …sit next to us!


STATLER:    Spoiler Alert—The Muppets are in Disney’s “The Muppets.”

WALDORF:   Don’t say you haven’t been warned.