Supporting Schools Through Politics

As my kids have gotten older, the ways in which I support their education has changed. I have gone from the active room mom, to PTA President, to teacher in their school, to being a homeschool group leader, to pretty much backing off when my highschooler begged me not to get involved at his new school.

But one thing I have always been is an educational activist. Most recently, I have been helping to stir the pot up about the Dougco school voucher issue and Science Education in the US. Because I believe that no matter where you sit on the side of school choice vouchers or educational reform, the conversation is the most important part.

Through all the debate on twitter and facebook and the follow up posts by my local blogging community, great questions were answered about the reality of school funding and political debate was opened on how we can all do better.Moms, including me, had the chance to better understand the intricacies of PPR (per pupil revenue) and how schools budget our tax dollars.

Right now, supporting my schools means using my voice as a blogger to bring to light these discussions on the politics of education. As kids, and parents of tweens, how do you support your school? Is politics your thing? Tell me about it….

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