How Do We Improve Science Education in the US?

science in the rockies logoSteve Spangler asks: “What happens when you put 150 teachers from 23 states and three countries in the same room for three days with a team of instructors who are over-the-top excited about teaching science?”

Well, I think I am about to find out the answer to that! Tomorrow kicks off an amazing conference, Science in the Rockies,  for me. As a former 4th grade science teacher I am completely geeked out about the chance to attend this amazing event. BUT, that isn’t why they asked me to come. They asked me to come to represent YOU–that’s right-kids and parents! What do YOU think about science education in the US? What are we doing right and where can we be improving? Do you think events like this will translate into better science teaching? Or is it all just fun and games?

Take a look at last years Science in the Rockies event and tell me, what is your take on this? You can leave a comment or participate in the tween conversation on the forum.

* I have been invited to attend this event as a journalist free of charge. I may receive product samples during my visit but no other forms of compensation is involved.