My favorite summer songs

Yes, it’s that time of
year again. To celebrate the season of relaxation, hot weather, and long days,
I’ve compiled a list of my top five favorite summer songs. Enjoy and feel free
to share your own!

5. “No Sleep ‘Til the Summertime” by T-Squad
As much as I hate to admit it, I seriously love this song, mostly because it’s
nostalgic. I was exposed to it A LOT back in 2007 due to the fact that I
watched way too much Disney Channel.
Even if you don’t like it at first, but something about the melody just
sticks with you after a while.

4. “Boys of Summer”
This song, originally done by Don Henley in the 1980s, has been covered by a
wide range of musicians. My favorite versions have to be the one by The Ataris
and DJ Sammy. The song itself has a super nice melody that can’t be missed,
despite who’s singing it.

3. “She’s My California” by E.M.D.
This song is more about love than anything (comparing a girl to the Golden
State), but it has mentions of all things summer nevertheless:  summer breeze, sunset, paradise, Disneyland,
you name it.

2. “Ultraviolet” by McFly
It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t mention McFly
here, but lucky for me, one of my favorite songs from them happens to be about
summer!  It’s a catchy little tune with
an edge to keep your inner rock star alive.


1. Any Colbie Caillat song
Okay, not all Colbie Caillat songs are about
summer; but how often do you imagine yourself sitting in your living room on a
Christmas night, staring at the snowflakes falling from the sky outside your
window while listening to her music? Exactly.