Time To Play With BeTweenTalk

betweentalk with caillou Last week Tinkerbell and Cjlhoops were invited to New York City for the Time To Play Spring Showcase. We had a ball, literally! We took an extra day to play tourist in the Big Apple before meeting up with Chris Byrne, the famous Toy Guy, to see the hottest toys in the business right now. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing our favorite toys from the showcase and bringing you some great giveaways to celebrate our 4 year anniversary!

We thought that with us turning 4 it was time to share something we never have before! A picture of us! We know you are curious. So we joined forces with our favorite 4 year old, Caillou, to say hi to you all and happy 4 year anniversary to BeTweenTalk.

Like I said earlier we are going to bring you our favorite list of the coolest stuff out there for tweens! But while you are waiting, check out LEGO Battles: Ninjago, A Fun Game With A Lot Of Story from Jeff McKinney, who has to have the coolest job in the world—he gets paid to test out video games. Besides having an awesome job he is a pretty awesome guy! Maybe we can get him to send us a video on how you become a professional video game tester. ‘Cause I know you all well enough to know you are now going, “I want that job”.