Jenny & Ashley!

Here on Between Talk we like to do posts on certain tween/teen individuals that are doing incredible things.  These two girls, Jenny and Ashley, are both living their dreams, about to release their first music video!

Here is some background on the two girls:

Jenny and Ashley were born and started their early years in Wisconsin, and then moved to Pleasanton, CA in elementary school. After finding a love for being on stage in theatre productions, the girls started acting and modeling. Jenny appeared as the cover girl on the Kohl’s catalog and in several Kohl’s posters and ads. Jenny then started acting in local commercials. Ashley quickly caught the bug too, and modeled for Levi’s and Kohl’s. They followed their dreams to LA, where Ashley appeared in two Nintendo Wii commercials and Jenny filmed several spots on Disney, Nickelodeon, and Fox.

Jenny and Ashley performed as solo artists for a few years in LA, and each learned the art of songwriting with their voice coach. Their music naturally fell into the country category, because of its storytelling style. Their demo songs caught the eye of a heavy hitter in Nashville, and they were asked to come out and record several songs on Nashville’s Music Row with Tim McGraw’s co-producer, Darran Smith! They were advised to join forces and start a new, fresh country duo act as “Jenny & Ashley”. They have recorded six songs so far in Nashville, and their first single, “Indescribable”, is a remake of the original demo song that Ashley co-wrote. This single was released on 1/3/11!

Their first EP was just released on iTunes and Amazon and their first music video will be released shortly…and yes, they’re sisters..Jenny is 15 and Ashley is 13 and a half!

Being hard hitting journalists, here on Between Talk, we had to ask one more question:

If you weren’t singers, actresses and models, what would you be?

Here are their responses:


If I wasn’t in singing, acting and modeling, at this point in time, I would probably be a normal highschooler doing gymnastics, track, horseback riding, playing volleyball or cheerleading . Haha, tons of sports I know. When I went to public school for a few years I was doing all of those things, but stopped to be able to pursue singing, acting and modeling. I’ve always sung, since I can remember, and I started writing songs about everything in my life early on, so if I didn’t get the opportunity to do what I’m doing, I would still do talent shows or song writing show cases and things on the side to get the chance to perform. I couldn’t imagine my life without the entertainment side of things!

If I never pursued this then my future would be a lot different as well. I’ve never really imagined my life without music/acting, but I bet I’d do something crazy like move to Paris for a few years right after college, or get a high rise apartment in NYC, or live on a horse barn in Kentucky. I’m very spontaneous and can’t stay in one place for very long, so following this career path or not, I’d still live a pretty hectic life (:

That is a question I ask myself all the time, actually! I’ve been modeling, singing, and acting since I was 4 years old. But, I always loved cheerleading. I did cheer camps all throughout most of my life! I was on competitive cheer teams in all different places that I lived, and I always wanted to cheer for a school! Another thing is, I’m a ‘social butterfly,’ as my mom likes to call it. I love being with people and hanging out at the movies, amusement parks, pools, beaches, and even school! But, because I’m a professional performer, I don’t get as much time as I’d like with teenagers my age, but I still squeeze it in there as often as I can!

If I had to do something different when I grow up it’d still have to be in the entertainment business! So, I would become an entertainment lawyer or agent, or a magazine editor for fashion in NYC!

Check out the latest video from Jenny & Ashley “Beach Weekend”