Why I Love Pop Music

Why I Love Pop Music


In picture: Adam Lambert, Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle of Girls Aloud, Backstreet Boys

Hey, I’m Lindsey and commercial pop music is my life! I feel that it represents me well and it fits me just right. After reading Elton John’s negative comments toward some of my favorite artists, I had to write this little blog to get my views out there (though I’m okay if not many will read it). Don’t interpret this as me talking bad about other types of music, since that’s not my intention at all. If you love indie, metal, country, or other genre, I definitely respect your taste.

1. Because it’s catchy and easy-listening

When I first heard a song, I spend 90% of my energy finding out whether there’s a hook to it. It seems to me that indie music is more about the message than the sound. For me, the message is not always the main priority. That’s how I can listen to songs in languages that I don’t understand…just because they sound nice.

2. Because I’m superficial
Yes, I am. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help it! An artist has to look good in order for me to have a better listening experience. I don’t know why my brain is wired like that, but it’s true. That’s why I still like boybands and girlbands when half of the world are over that phenomenon.

3. Because the Backstreet Boys are great
There’s not enough word to describe how much I love them. I used to buy a lot of CDs when I was younger, but back then I was also into rock (think Relient K and The Fray). I also bought a BSB album (Never Gone). That was five years ago. I still listen to that BSB album, but I hardly ever listen to anything else. Why? Because it’s timeless and I still love it!

I wouldn’t say that I love every single artist on the chart right now, but in general, pop music (especially the ones in Europe) is something that I enjoy listening to. :)