World Series Roadtrip to Help Cure Cancer

The kid testing panel thinks this is COOL!

CarWoo is currently running a campaign to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen foundation during the World Series. They bought a kicking’ ’78 Camaro and painted a bright pink stripe down the center. They rolled it up to the second World Series game in San Francisco last Thursday and got hundreds of Giants fans to sign the car and donate for Breast Cancer Research.

Now Tommy and Erik are driving with the Camaro down to Texas to get Rangers fans in on the action. Whichever team’s fans donate the most will receive the donation to the Susan G. Komen foundation chapter in their city. They are also raising funds online for those who won’t be at either of the games to post in person.

Who will donate the most? Giants or Rangers fans?

Which team are you cheering for?

Has the Carwoo team come through your town?

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