Shake It Up! TV Show Review (by Lindsey)

(I am posting this for Lindsey.)

Shake It Up is a sitcom that revolves around two best friends, Rocky Blue (Zendaya Coleman) and Cece Jones (Bella Thorne), who has to deal with everyday problems, including social status at school and an annoying little brother, as well as being background dancers for the show Shake It Up Chicago.

Before the premiere on Disney Channel, I thought the commercials for the show portrayed the two leading girls as being too bubbly and rather annoying for my taste. However, I actually wanted to catch the show anyway, just to see whether I would like it or not.

Turns out, Shake It Up isn’t that bad!

There weren’t any characters with unique personality, because the show used the unoriginal Disney formula: two best friends, a weird guy friend, a brother, and two snobs. The producers were probably trying to make the characters extremely over-the-top, which I have seen way too many times in other TV shows that I am now practically apathetic to them.

Cece still annoys me, but her counterpart, Rocky, is more bearable and relatable. However, my favorite has to be Gunther and Tinka Hessenheffer (Kenton Duty and Caroline Sunshine), the German duo who are rival to Cece and Rocky. And it is not because I am a fan of European people (I am but the two actors aren’t even real Germans). They are just more hysterical and likeable, in my opinions.

The one thing about this show that still makes me cringe is the opening credit, which uses the song “Shake It Up” by Selena Gomez with scenes that do not match the music at all.

Overall, though, Shake It Up is a cute and funny show. It is something that you enjoy when you are bored and/or just looking for an easy-going sitcom.