Mia (FaLlOuTgUrL)’s Concert Review- Paramore

Hey all! It’s FaLlOuTgUrL here, telling you about maybe one of the best nights ever…

So a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go and see Paramore/B.o.B/Fun!  Paramore, in case you don’t know, is a pop-punk band from Tennessee, they have 5 members: One of them being Hayley Williams, the girl who sang on B.o.B’s hit song “Airplanes”.
B.o.B was the main support act. He is a rapper from Georgia, and has had hits such as “Nothin’ on You”, “Airplanes”& “Magic”. There was another support called “Fun.”. They are an indie-pop band from New York, and so far have released 1 album – and supported on loads of tours.
The first support, fun., came on, and to be honest they weren’t the best support you could hope for, but they sure did get the crowd going. Fun.’s set was half an hour long, and some songs they played are now on my iPod, so I guess they did their job well getting more fans. (The lead singer of fun. knocked over the microphone stand! It was really funny.)
After a quick break, B.o.B came on. I would have thought he would have started with a hit of his, instead he sang songs nobody really knew (B.o.B is a rapper, and most Paramore fans don’t listen to that kind of music). He also had some backing dancers…which kind of wrecked it. About halfway through the set, the standing was packed & every seat in the arena was taken up. This was when the concert properly started. Everyone was chanting “MAGIC! MAGIC! MAGIC!” And then the music kicked into Magic. Everyone was up on their feet and having a good time. Nothin’ On You was probably the best song of the night. B.o.B even picked up a guitar! The last song of his set was “Airplanes”, and we all knew Hayley would come on to sing her part. When she came on stage, everyone SCREAMED really loudly (me included : )…next thing we knew the lights came back on and B.o.B had gone.
Half an hour later, the lights dimmed down and yes…everybody was screaming again. Seeing as I was on the left hand side, I could see Paramore warming up on the side of the stage, and that was cool. The curtain came up and…wow. That moment was amazing, everybody up on their feet, with the band on the stage playing the opening song, “Ignorance.” After a few more rocking out songs, Hayley and the guitarist, Jeremy, played a country song with just the light shining on them. The country song wasn’t very good, but it was a nice feature.
When that song was over, a brown couch had appeared on the stage. All the band sat on it, about to play a song, but then…a red crumpled piece of paper was thrown at Hayley. She caught it, and it was a bit odd because it just had her twitter name on it. “I’ll keep this piece of paper whenever I forget my twitter name!”, said Hayley. Some people from the standing shouted that it was an envelope. Hayley opened it, and inside it read: “Can I come and rock out with you on stage? It’s my birthday tomorrow and that would be a freaking awesome birthday present. I’m the guy in the tiger suit.”
So this tiger guy came on stage, but it turned out Paramore where doing an acoustic, so the tiger dude just sat at the end of the stage all night!
A few more songs later, they played “The Only Exception”…and the lights faded out, and the curtain went down. Then suddenly, it went back up again, and in big white letters PARAMORE flashed up! It was really cool. They had made this little mini music video for the song “Looking Up”, which was the highlight of the night. “Were gonna be out of here soon, because we have business to attend to…theres only one type of business…MISERY BUSINESS!” said Hayley. That song you could apparently hear outside, it was amazing.
The gig had a great atmosphere and many people who went said it was the best night of their life. The next day I could barely walk, talk or speak, but I really did enjoy myself. Whether it’s a Paramore concert or not, concerts are great, and I would seriously recommend you go to one!