The Haunted Delivery

Prize: Honorable Mention and 5,000 TCC!

Written by MadBrat98:

The night of Halloween, Peppy Pizza Palace received a call from someone who wanted a pizza. The customer lived in a big house on Haunted Lane. No one wanted the job because everyone knows the house is haunted. One of the new guys agreed to take it.
The delivery guy arrived and saw the closed iron gate. He stepped out of the car and looked around to see what to do next. To his right he saw a tall and eerie tree with creepy branches and no leaves. He saw a ripped up shirt hanging from one of the limbs, blowing in the breeze. On his left hung a wooden sign that warned visitors of No Trespassing in bright red colors. He felt a chill as he went towards the gate.
As he approached the large gate he realized it had a lock that held it closed. He began to search for a way to contact the house. Lying on the ground was a metal key with a skull shape. He grabbed it and used it to unlock the gate. It made a spine tingling sound as it opened.
Putting his fear aside, he grabbed the pizza and walked through the gate. The giant house sat up on a hill and looked frightening against the full moon in the sky. A wolf howled in the distance as the thunder and lightning started.
He wanted to turn and leave, but knew he couldn’t. Inside he felt brave enough to face what was in the house. He walked forward as a swarm of bats circled around his head.
On his path he encountered an owl that looked at him and winked. He soon found himself approaching the wooden porch. The rocking chair began to move with the breeze.
He used the skull shaped knocker on the enormous wooden door to knock. A loud screech came from inside. Thinking they didn’t hear him, he knocked again. The door began to open slowly.
A large shadow filled the walls behind the door. It appeared to be a giant hairy monster that was making its way to the porch. The footsteps became louder. The pizza delivery guy was terrified. As the monster approached slowly, he dropped the pizza to the ground and ran off.
A few moments later a tiny child-sized monster came out onto the porch and grabbed the pizza.