Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast: The Diamond Edition, has compltely raised the bar for what a remastered film should live up to.  The visuals and sounds in this film are incredible.  Starting with the visuals, they are not simply more vivid or brighter like they are in most other remastered editions, and instead they actually look more detailed and much more beautiful to look at.  The sound quality of the movie is incredible and not only are the songs more smooth to listen to, but the Disney sing along mode is a great way to learn and love the music of the movie. 

This special edition DVD/Blue-ray film is loaded with special features like audio commentary, an all new music video by Jordan Spakrs, a never before seen deleted scene and alternate opening, and even a musical game! 

I was invited to attend a two day showing of The Beauty and the Beast Sing Along Event, narrated by Jordan Sparks!  Listening to Jordan Sparks sing the songs along with the audience was incredibly fun, and everyone singing along was even more fun!   This movie was fantastic!  Digitally re-mastered, this edition is scheduled for DVD release on October 5th, and believe me, any fan of Disney or of Beauty and the Beast should definitely pick this movie up wherever DVD’s and Blue-ray videos are sold. 

There have been so many re-mastered versions of old movies and quite honestly, most of the time it is very difficult to see a noticeable difference, but not with this edition.   Be sure to check this out when it comes out and let the magic of Disney into your life once again!