School! By Grizzlybear

For a lot of people, the new school term is starting soon. Some people look forward to it, but some don’t. And well, I’m not too sure. There are some kids in my class that I’m really looking forward to seeing but not the others. That’s only natural, right? I’ve put together a little ‘to do list’ for you guys to help you prepare for the new year!

1. If you haven’t gotten your uniform already, I’d recommend getting it soon; before everyone does last minute uniform things and the shops get too busy.

2. If you’re not looking forward to the new year make a list of all the positive things. For example you could write ‘looking forward to seeing friends’ or ‘will be the oldest kids in school’

3. Look around your house for all the stationary. I know it’s nice to buy brand-new stuff, but in the long-run it could save a lot of money using the things you already have!

4. Start going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. That way it will become easier when the time really comes.

 To everyone who will soon start school/has started already GOOD LUCK!

By Grizzlybear