Section 8 Review by ChiefGokuC

Hello everyone!  I decided to write a review of one of my favorite PC Games, Section 8.

Section 8 is a relatively low profile science fiction shooter comparable to the Halo series. It is developed by Time Gate and SouthPeak Games and is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.  The specific version of the game that this review is centered on is the PC version of the game which is a game for Windows LIVE.  Games for Windows Live allow gamers to take popular Xbox360 games to the PC front by tying their Gamertags to a pc version of the Xbox360 dashboard.  This allows for achievements to be unlocked, messages to be received, and to be recognized by players playing on the Xbox360 console.  This review will consist of three sections:  Gameplay, Campaign, and Multiplayer.

Gameplay:  The gameplay of Section 8 is very unique, however there is a learning curve.  This game is very battlefield inspired by including unlockable weapons and six customizable classes that anyone can use to their advantage during a game.  Unlocking different weapons and customizing armor also play into the mix.  The variety of weapons is lacking, but this is made up for by the different aspects of armor.  There are jetpacks, shields, health, and locking on that can be manipulated to each individual player’s own advantage.  The gameplay in this game does require some time and energy to get used to as each player has the ability to make the game their own.  Another different and new aspect of the game is the drop.  The drop is the ability to drop yourself and weapons from a dropship 15000 feet in the air which allows for even more fun as tactics are constantly changing during a game.  In a game of team battle a player could drop behind enemy lines and flank the other team, or they could try a sneak attack by having your entire team land right on top of the enemy.  Items are also able to be dropped from the dropship so long as you have enough points, which are gained by completing objectives during the multiplayer game. 

Campaign:  Earlier I stated that this game is inspired by battlefield, and in the case of the campaign, the statement holds up.  This game’s only downfall is the campaign.  The characters are not interesting and the storyline isn’t very enthralling, keeping this in mind however, this game is primarily meant for online play.  The campaign is meant to act as a primer for preparing players for playing with others online.

Multiplayer:  The multiplayer is where this game truly shines.  All of the aspects of gameplay come into play during the multiplayer mode.  Through different game modes like conquest and slayer, each player has their own opportunity to play the way that they want to.  Customizing armor and weapons help to keep each player’s experience fresh and new. 

I would give this game an 8/10.

By ChiefGokuC