SKATE 3 Video Game Review

Overall SKATE 3 for XBOX is a well-structured, exciting game. The layout of this game is almost exactly like SKATE 2 with better graphics. The idea of the game is to make your skateboard company the best around. You have to design the board with your logos and then promote your boards through photo shoots, videos and challenges. The best thing about this game is the ability to roam around and do many things. For one, you can take off your board and smack people with your board, which I find very fun. You also have the option to build a skate park.

The XBOX LIVE part of this game is very interesting. Connecting SKATE 3 to XBOX LIVE lets you enjoy one of my favorite games, which Hall of Meat. The object of this is to accumulate points by jumping off a building and banging yourself up. I specifically love the option to play s.k.a.t.e. in xbox live as it brings a competitive edge to the game. Honestly this is a great game to pick up if you’re a skater or skate fan. If you are not, the comic damage you can do with your character is still amusing.