New and Upcoming Music by FaLlOuTgUrL

Hey everyone!  FaLlOuTgUrL here to talk about some great new music coming out soon!

So one of the biggest things in most people’s lives is music. It can make you happy, or sad, cry with laughter or put you in an angry mood. And then, you want to know all the latest music, and who knows? You might even find a new fave artist. Now, new music can vary from country-to-country, but I’ve tried to find a real mix. :)

For all you peeps who like pop music, Christina Aguilera’s “Bionic” is hitting stores this week. With her last album Back to Basics being released in 2006, this highly anticipated album is full of catchy tunes and futuristic sound, and is surely one to listen to. Her voice is full, and the tunes are great for parties. The standard version contains 18 tracks, and the deluxe version contains 5 extra tracks.

Then for the Hip-Hop kind, Gym Class Hereos member, “Travie” McCoy is releasing his first solo album, “Lazarus”. One of the songs features Bruno Mars, who featured on the smash, Nothin’ On You. T-Pain, and Cee-Lo Green (Of Gnarls Barkley) also feature on the record. This album is a real mix of genre’s, containing Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, Synth-pop, and Reggae Fusion, so as you can see there is something for everyone.

And for more of you readers who prefer alternative music at the core, We Are Scientists are releasing their new album, Barbara, June 14th. This band have had lots of mainstream sucess in the past few years, and although there has been a line-up change in the past few months, this album will surely see them through. It contains 10 tracks.

So I hope I have told you about some of the new albums coming out this month, and with that, here are some new singles coming out soon. I would recommend you check them out. (Not all singles avalible in all countries)

  • Muse ~ Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)
  • California Gurls ~ Katy Perry
  • Ciara Feat. Ludacris ~ Ride
  • I Think I Like You ~ Jamaica

So I hope I have shown you some great new music, and I hope you will check it out.

By FaLlOuTgUrL :)