Old Dogs is a Great Family Movie

We are big Robin Williams fans in this house and we were excited to see him and John Travolta team up in the movie Old Dogs. It is a really cute family movie with just enough injury to private parts to keep the older boys laughing and engaged.

What I was really most impressed with though is the Blu-Ray/DVD pack. As a mom of kids who have routinely scratched dvds in one way or another I think these new packs are awesome. You get the Blu-Ray disc, a DVD disc AND a digital disk to transfer the movie to your computer or iPhone. It is about time that companies got on board with the realities that our kiddos watch tv in a big variety of ways and instead of up charging us for that, just include it! YAY for Disney.

Here was one of our favorite scenes from the movie:
[iframe http://www.totaleclips.com/player/Splash.aspx?custid=907&clipid=e63114&playerid=69&affiliateid=-1&bitrateid=378&formatid=10 352 284]

The Blu-Ray pack comes out next Tuesday so plan to pick one up!

*Betweentalk.com staff was compensated for our honest review of this product.