Review: MySims Agents Wii

I was unsure as a parent if I wanted to have the kids test MySims Agents because of the reputation MySims used to have online. I asked around, however, and found that many of my friends had this for their kids and it was one of their favorite games. It seemed even the parents adored it.

I have to say my initial reaction was DEAD WRONG. It is a cute game that takes the kids through an adventure of being a detective following the trail of a master thief Morcubus. It starts the kids off with simple missions and gets them used to the controls and their toolbox of gadgets. The characters in this story speak in a funny Sims language so there is a lot of reading involved. On the one hand, that is a plus for reading skills, on the other it could frustrate struggling readers so take the reading portion into consideration.I liked that in typical Wii fashion, the game gets the kids up and moving. The puzzles in the game are well done and gets the kids moving.

Great game to pick up as a last minute holiday gift or for the kids to keep their minds and bodies moving through the break!