Littlest Pet Shop Friends Game for DS

Members of the kid testing panel had a lot of fun playing with the review copy we received here at BeTweenTalk. Here is a comment from one mom:

This Game was very easy for my six year old to learn and to play. She has not put it down since she opened the box. She told me it was like her toys had come to life, but better. The arcade portion of the game contains many very cute and entertaining games that help you earn kibble to make your littlest pet into your perfect pet. The only downside of the game has been the excessive amount of reading that is involved. On one hand it is a good thing for a learning reader but on the other it can be frustrating for her. All in all I would recommend this game to any little girl and even most adults.

Seems like a no brainer for any Christmas list to us!


It’s All about the PETS! Collect all-new pets packed full of personality! Meet the Great Dane, the Peacock, the Collie, the Ladybug, and many more of your favorite pets.

Best Friends! Now each pet has a best friend that helps them prepare for the party! Plus enhanced multiplayer features allow you and your real-life best friend to enjoy the fun together.

Mini-Games! An all-new story guides you along your journey as you play mini-games and accomplish tasks to get closer to the celebration.

Style out Your Pets! For the first time, you can design your own accessories and style out your pets in your own unique way.

Surprises! What’s a party without surprises? An all-new mystery pet is coming to town… and you’ll just have to play to see what else pops up!

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