Kobe Doin’ Work

kobe-doin-workWhen ESPN/Disney  sent this Denver Nuggets, Carmelo Anthony worshiping, family a video about Kobe Bryant we were skeptical to say the least. Let’s just the Lakers defeat of the Nuggets in the Final Four last year is still a hard pill to swallow! But I have to say that we did end up really liking the movie. Spike Lee directs it and he did a really good of showing us what life is like as a professional basketball player. These guys play hard. Kobe works hard. Kobe really does lead the Lakers! I learned a lot about different parts of the game and the triangle offense finally makes sense to me!

Here is a quick look at it:

So, do we recommend it?

YES for Kobe fans
YES for Lakers fans
YES for basketball fans
YES for sports fans
YES for Spike Lee fans

Even this Nuggets fan can appreciate a great basketball documentary!

It is TV14 because of some of the language. The movie doesn’t filter out the words they use on the court.