Upgraded My iPhone!

Last week the folks at TatSkinz sent us some new iPhone skinz for our family. They had some really cool ones to pick from. I picked out the Hibiscus Dawn White and cjlhoops asked for the Dead Headz one. We were pretty excited to put them on. They don’t just make these for iPhones. They have them for a lot of iPod devices so check them out for your iPod too.

We did cjlhoops phone first and here is it start to finish:

This is how they look in the package.


It comes like two big stickers. Nice thumbprint on his phone, lol!


The front…


The back…


Looks pretty cool, right? Overall putting the skin on was really easy. You need to line it up so you might want your parents nearby but cjlhoops had no problem doing it on his own. It peels right off in our tests so you can change your mind and get a new one. However, you can’t really save the old one after you remove it a few times so don’t think you can change it as often as you change your clothes…unless your parents don’t mind 😛

The other really important thing to remember is that while it looks really cool, it does not protect your device very much so get a clear hard cover for it too. If you want to get a TatSkinz, your parents can use the coupon code: STUPEFY to get 20% off your order.