Scene It Box Office Smash Review

Me and my family have been playing Scene It Box Office Smash lately. It’s a fun family game but is rated teen for several reasons. 1. There is an announcer that sometimes says things that I don’t think younger kids should hear. 2. Some of the movie clips have content that kids shouldn’t hear. 3. There is very mild violence- but I think it would be ok for kids to hear. However the layout of it is extremely easy to use and there are features that make this game funny, and exciting.

The Xbox live portion of it is great. There’s practically no delay and its fun to see who knows the most trivia out of the group you’re playing with. There is also a great use of the avatar you can make on the Xbox dashboard. When your playing a game your own avatar pops up in between rounds of the game and does funny things like jump up and down on a couch or sometimes even dances. Something I find cool about Scene It is that there are extra controllers you can get that make you feel like you’re in a game show.

Overall I’d rate this game a 7/10.