Review: The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Middle School

middleschool2I recently had the chance to read The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Middle School. As a parent of a middle school age son and one getting close to that age I am always looking for some good advice but it was clear when I opened it that this book was not written for adults. It was written for kids to talk about all the fun, scary and just strange things that can, and probably will, happen to you as you navigate your way through those years we parents dread, MIDDLE SCHOOL!

With only 128 pages this book is actually packed with some amazing advice that I have yet to see in any tween advice books. From how to survive changing in a locker room (OMG! I remember how embarrassing that is!) to step by step instructions on how to do the Running Man and Funky Chicken at a school dance, you will find lots of great strategies to get you through those AWKWARD moments! What I really liked about it though is that it was the perfect ‘summer read’~no big words, lots of funny pictures and words you actually use (totally)!

This is what one of my favorite pages looks like:

Some other very cool and practical advice in this book:

How to survive a group assignment:

5. Take on slackers…. positively. Sometimes a group member will avoid doing his fair share. Instead of getting mad at the person (which will only make him work less…if that is even possible!) engage him in a positive way. (book goes on to tell you how)

How Not to Remake Your Rep:

*Going over the top. You know those little dogs that don’t stop barking? They make you want to yell, “Shut it, yappy!” Never try so hard that you are viewed as a pooch. Sometimes muzzling is a better strategy.

Defending Your Inbox:

*Ban bullies. Exile nasty e-mailers to deepest cyberspace by using the “Block Sender” option.

I really like that there is a section here for boys and girls. Most people think that girls have the most Middle School drama but as a mom of a boy with lots of friends, I can tell you that boys have their fair share too. Boys, it even tells you what it could mean when a girl can’t stop twirling her hair!

The publisher of this book would love to hear what you have to say so they are going to give away 5 copies of this book. The deal is though, if you win, you have to come back and tell everyone what you think of the book. I am going to run this giveaway a little differently than we usually do because I want to hear what is on your mind about Middle School. So, in order to win go to this thread and talk about what you are most afraid of happening in Middle School. If you have already started, tell us one of the worst (or most embarrassing)  things that has happened! This should be a fun topic! :)